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Jonathan Gillie

Jonathan Gillie


Jonathan Gillie is an artist and technician working in Moving Image and Sound.

Producing video and animation since 1998, his current practice combines analogue mark-making techniques with digital editing and compositing.
The resulting animations often take the form of geometric spaces or structures that are constructed and deconstructed over time, producing a constantly evolving combination of colour, pattern and form.

Structurally the animations often engage a multi layered, quickly strobing succession of semi-constructed images, this technique often relies on the persistence of image, the after-image retained briefly on viewing an object. In this sense the work is constructed fully within the eye of the viewer rather than the surface of the television monitor or projection screen.

Recent screenings of Jon's work include - Escape Velocity screened at Museum of Modern Art, Austin, USA, After Hanging Fruit, After The Date Palms screened at Museo De Arte Moderno, Medillin, Columbia and Shift screened at How to become a Cult Leader at the Apiary Studios, London. UK