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Lisa Selby

Lisa Selby



Lisa Selby's work explores the theses of addiction, mental health and wellbeing, and seeks to support those incarcerated and affected by addiction. Over the last couple of years, Lisa has built up a large archive revolving around addiction and its effects. It’s a story of love, where the images, sounds and conversations from the routine of addiction and dependency help give a voice to those who struggle to be heard. These people include her deceased mother who was addicted to heroin and her partner in prison who is in recovery.



I work with people living with addictions, their support systems and their families. They aren’t good or bad people, or outside of society. They are people who make human choices, flawed, but constantly reaching out. I feel compassion for them and those who are trying to support them. Theirs is a difficult path. I’m trying to make sense of this through an honest timeline of events in my own life, hoping people will connect with theirs.



Lisa Selby talks about her exhibition 'Bang Up' at OUTPOST Gallery in Norwich (2019). Central to this exhibition is an intimate film, a love story, focusing on her relationship with Elliot - who is currently serving time in prison and recovering from heroin addiction. See the full video made by…