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Stereoscope, Mrs Rick's Cupboard, Primary

For the next exhibition at Mrs Rick’s Cupboard, Louisa Chambers envisages the space functioning as an optical device similar to a Stereoscope viewer.

A stereoscope is a device for viewing two separate images that have been taken from a slightly different viewpoint corresponding to the spacing of the eyes. When observing the images through the device, the two dimensional images merge together to become a single three dimensional scene. Chambers’ recent paintings respond to on-going research into depiction and visual perception on two dimensional surfaces, concentrating on the mediums of drawing, collage and painting.

Multiple dimensions and perspectives that feature in the paintings are explored through the materiality of paint and the repetition of geometric motifs which are floating ambiguously in space. These shapes and silhouettes have been assembled in the artworks into anthropomorphic forms that teeter between abstraction and figuration. Chambers’ paintings present alternative universes where impossible science fiction/architectural structures comment on conflicts between our inner dream worlds and the technological robotic control on our everyday lives.










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