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Taking centre stage in the gallery space is a printed Harlequin-like figure constructed with pentomino shapes. Making reference to Pablo Picasso’s Harlequin from 1915, the torso has been reduced to a flattened form emphasised by the repeated geometric pattern of misshapen diamonds and irregular polygons depicted on the costume. 
The rigidness of the Harlequin configuration is disrupted by idiosyncratic geometric motifs, suspended in an uninhabitable void. Carnivalesque structures cheekily are shifting and shaking in this invented space teasing with the viewer’s attention. 
In her most recent work, Chambers' has been playfully rearranging systems, structures and repeated patterns. Appropriated references derive from architectural sources, scientific and mathematical educational manuals to the everyday drawing upon daily routines.  Science fiction like objects and landscapes that often feature, present alternative visual and virtual worlds where structures govern our society and technology rules.

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