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Sean completed an MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in 2000. His work explores ideas of spatial immersion, emptiness and losing oneself through temporal collapse. Recently he made paintings which attempt to re-visit the future optimism of the year 1963. Sometimes he gives himself and others instructions to make drawings, in an attempt to make so-called ‘expressive’ work outside of an individual subjectivity. Recent exhibitions have included The Potato Eaters Discover Cold Fusion, Bonington Gallery and Thoresby Thursday, One Thoresby Street in Nottingham; No Fun, Enclave, and Marbled Reams, Limoncello, in London; Pile, Surface Gallery, Nottingham/Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Previous projects have been shown in USA, Austria, Hungary, Poland, South Korea and South Africa.  Sean received the Abbey Award at the British School in Rome. He is a resident studio artist at One Thoresby Street, Nottingham.







Published in Sean Cummins

‘Homemade Devices’ are an ongoing series of sculptural works inspired by the improvised explosive devices found whilst trawling the Internet. In these works I explore the formal inventiveness and provisionality of such objects as well as their potent potential as objects of threat and danger. Ideas of filmic or cartoon violence are juxtaposed with decorative and ornamental motifs; the sense of saturation at play in the work makes it easy to miss the horror due to the seductive nature and materiality of the artwork. I create an aftermath of multiple popular references, which need to be unpicked.



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In partnership with the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea to commemorate the WWI centenary, I have been commissioned by LOCWS International to create a large scale public artwork 'Homefront' for Art Across The City 2014. 





New Artist Commissions: Jon Burgerman / Jeremy Deller / Craig Fisher / Thomas Goddard / Nick Jordan / Jeremy Millar / Lisa Scantlebury / Ross Sinclair / Bob & Roberta Smith / Ultimate Holding Company 

Writers: Niall Griffiths / Rhian Edwards / Rachel Trezise 

Art Across The City 2014, Swansea 
International Contemporary Public Art Festival 
12th April – 1st June 

For more information please visit the website, 

Published in Craig Fisher

'Disastrous Situations (wreckage)’, comprises a large-scale sculptural installation examining notions of ‘aftermath and wreckage’ in relation to a continued exploration of the seductive power of media representations of violence and destruction. 

The work was exhibited as part of the 9th Kaunas Art Biennial, 'UNITEXT', Kaunas, Lithuania. The exhibition runs from 13 September 2013 - 4 January 2014



The Biennial’s aims are to create conditions for immediate collisions of an artwork and a spectator, allowing the experience of art as a universal text, inviting artists to present works, experiences of which are based on a direct confrontation with an object / space / semantic field.

Please visit the website for more information, 

Published in Craig Fisher