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Andrew Brown has an essay based on OpenCity Aix published in PAUST (Performance Architecture Urbanism Space Theatre), a multidisciplinary network consisted of architects, performers and artists.


OpenCity is an ongoing project of artistic research that applies methodologies of site and sound walking to interrogate our experience of change, in particular in relation to city life. Past urban walks have taken their thematic cues from each city’s distinctive concerns, such as Stoke-on-Trent’s post-industrial heritage or Berlin’s gentrification.

OpenCity’s application of sound walking provokes critique through the disruption of the quotidian and by engendering a prolonged encounter with aspects of the city that might otherwise remain overlooked. During OpenCity sound walks a group is typically led on a predetermined route by the artist, each participant provided with an Ipod loaded with a soundtrack comprised of sounds recorded in situ and elsewhere. These contrapuntal sounds are interwoven with what can be heard in the here and now to heighten the experience of moving through a city



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