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Title: Three – Nine – 35mm

(Alternative Document filtered) 2016

Date: 2016

Materials: 35mm slides,  electroluminescent panel, electrical tape.

Size: Wall Installation

Notes: Three 35mm digital slides exposed to light during the duration of the Alternative Document exhibition, Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln, UK.

First shown: Still Unresolved, (  ) Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, Fine Art, School of Art and Design, Nottingham, UK, 28th April - 5th May 2016.





Published in Andrew Pepper

As part of the the Spaces of Uncertainty Summer Academy in Stuttgart, Andrew Pepper explored a series of projected interventions into the corners of the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart.

5th - 15th September 2016.

Pepper was there with artist Andrew Brown, and students from Nottingham Trent University, as part of an Erasmus programme involving art schools from across Europe.

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Published in Shout

Andrew Pepper's tiny installation with 35mm slides was recently shown as part of Primary Studios Film Free and Easy event.

Curated by Frank Abbott, Film Free and Easy took place on 2nd June 2016 at Primary Studios, Nottingham, and was the fourth in a series of evening projection presentations.

Three – Nine – 35mm (Alternative Document filtered) 2016, an installation using 35mm slides which had originally been projected for 4 weeks within an work at Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln.   During that time the slides denatured and slowly shifted the appearance of the projected information.  Here they exist as their own object, illuminated but a thin sheet of electroluminescent material.. 


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Published in Shout