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We are excited to announce that the CGP Gallery, London, 2015 Open Winner is Rob Flint for his video work BAND (2015).

Rob wins a prize of £250 and a limited edition print. Mark Titchner (CGP exhibiting artist in 2014 and Turner Prize nominee) judged this year’s winner."

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BAD SIGNS/adjustments
Louisa Chambers, Craig Fisher and Rob Flint are exhibiting at:


Atkinsons' Kram Gallery
302 Garratt Lane
Wandsworth, London SW18 4EH

May and June 2016

Following a public residency at the Harley Gallery in the East Midlands the collaborative trio of Louisa Chambers, Craig Fisher and Rob Flint use Atkinsons - Kram Gallery as a project space to explore their varied interests in dazzle camouflage, hazard signage, and blurred boundaries between object and background, revelation and concealment.

During their time in this space the artists will create ’adjustments’ -intervening to alter each other's installation in ways that interrupt and redirect the points of focus in this very public space. BAD SIGNS/adjustments will be present during May and June. Adjustments will be made unannounced throughout this time. There will be a closing event end of June


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Narrating the Barbican brings together audio narration, immersive theatre and relational aesthetics in a promenade performance that moves throughout the foyers and public spaces of the Barbican.

Following the movements of 'a women in a blue dress and half worn-out shoes', her engagement with the Barbican is narrated via the public address system as she walks, listens, and plays with the building. In doing so, the Barbican itself is narrated and mapped, forming an alternative documentation of an iconic space.

Audiences are able to experience the work in several ways. Firstly, as a performance, following the woman as she moves throughout the building. Secondarily, as an audio narrative, heard throughout the Barbican's foyers via the public address system. And, thirdly, in fleeting moments, listening to the narration while catching glimpses of the woman as she passes by. This approach also allows audiences to join half-way through, using the audio narrative to locate the woman within the space.

Here, in the video adaptation of the piece, the absence of environmental sounds and views of the building allows the space to remain largely imagined, creating a cerebral map of the space and its soundscape.

This work was created in residence at the Barbican throughout August 2013 as part of 'Hack the Barbican', London’s biggest ever experiment in cross-disciplinary collaboration, bringing together artists, technologists and entrepreneurs, seeking to explore new boundaries and reinterpret one of the world’s great cultural centres.

Performance, 20 mins

Viewable on the artist's website: 

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Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce Cultural Currency an exhibition of new works by British artist Gerard Williams.
The exhibition consists of a number of small birch plywood tablets, each of which encapsulates at least two genuine, complete bank notes. These are made partially visible through small windows disclosing numeric denominations as well as isolated details such as illustrations, patterns etc., the origin of the notes is obscured. Cultural Currency plays with relative values, with the value of art, the value of money, with connections between culture, history and financial capital, with value and the passage of time, with the position of nations relative to world financial hierarchies. Each double-sided work is a unique variation on the theme. Whilst the notes are loose and unfolded, they are also permanently sealed within the work, therefore in order to realize their monetary value, or their value as collectibles, the artwork would have to be destroyed.

9 October – 28 November 2015
Wednesday - Friday 12:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 13:00 and by appointment

Handel Street Projects
14 Florence Street, London N1


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Geoff Diego Litherland will be showing work alongside David M Price and Simon Bacon in PERPETUAL DAWN at Lacey Contemporary, London

Lacey Contemporary presents the work of contemporary painters Geoff Diego Litherland and David Price alongside bronze sculptor Simon Bacon in this first collaboration ‘Perpetual Dawn’ opening 29th June 2016.

Through this exhibition, the artists present wild and reimagined worlds formed by destructed landscapes that seem to echo an ancient time. Traces of human life are scattered throughout, with classical references that seem to allude to the loss of a great empire or an apocalyptic world.

29th June – 14th July 2016

Lacey Contemporary Gallery
8 Clarendon Cross
London W11 4AP

+44 (0) 207 313 9068
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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An early work with drawing and holography 'Line Addition', by Andrew Pepper, is included as part of the Mid Winter - Love Light exhibition at Gallery 286, London.

Showing light works and a selection of pieces held in the Ross Collection, the exhibition brings together a wide range of international artists using light and holography.

11th - 26th February
Gallery 286
Earl's Court
London SW15 9AS

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Work by Craig Fisher is included in the Pump House Gallery's  "Things We Didn't Have Before" exhibition.

Preview—18 November 2015 6:30–8:30pm

Exhibition dates— 19 November 2015– 13 December 2015

For its third annual open call exhibition, "things we didn't have before", Pump House Gallery transforms into a cabinet of curiosities.
Each of the gallery's floors serve as different compartments, a treasure trove of wondrous artworks and objects that await discovery.


Pump House Gallery
Battersea Park
SW11 4NJ
02088717572 i



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